Today someone had the audacity to tell me “I don’t think you’re in love" That’s like me going up to someone and telling them "You’re not happy" or etc. Like I’m sorry? I didn’t realize there was a right way to love someone and a right way to act when you are in love. Not everyone beams like a ray of sunshine when they’re "in love" and it’s unfair to expect everyone to. People forget that opinions are opinions, not facts. Growing up I’ve always leaned towards the more conservative side. While I have my "wild" tendencies,  I habitually keep them at bay….Because I like to keep things private, especially intimacy and public display of affection. Especially around my family friends or my parents. Born in a different country with a different culture, it was hard for everyone around me to adjust to seeing me become more Americanized in that aspect as I continued living and going to school in the U.S. It was such a culture shock. Although I have "assimilated" into the world I now live in, I’ve always made sure not to forget where I came from. Since PDA wasn’t exactly a thing my parents/family friends were comfortable of, it forced me to be more reserved. I wasn’t too keen on showing off my "love" in that way. In my defense, love is so diverse in meaning and can be expressed in so many different ways. Therefore, it upsets me when someone claims that LOVE comes in ONE shape or form and that however that person perceives LOVE is the right one. To me, feelings are very sacred. I share numerous of my feelings with my significant other and we have private conversations about where we stand with each other and how things are going between us from time to time. So, when someone makes that great of an assumption, I can’t help but be mad and feel a little broken. Especially, when that person knows absolutely nothing about our conversations that happen at 3am or what we discuss with each other or how we interact when the whole world isn’t looking. You shouldn’t judge someone’s relationship based on what you see alone. Sometimes, people don’t understand because they don’t want to understand and you can’t force them. Perceptions are always going to be subjective and I respect that. I just can’t stand it when someone tries to make me swallow their own personal belief. I think it’s disrespectful and hurtful.